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Payment Information

We accept payment via PayPal, credit card, or debit card, as well as bank transfers (please see the instructions below).


During checkout, simply choose "PayPal" as your payment method. You will be redirected to the PayPal website, where you can follow further instructions.

Credit or Debit Card

This option is handled by the PayPal system in our store. This does not mean that you need to have a PayPal account or that you have to make one! During checkout, simply chose PayPal as payment option. Once you are redirected to PayPal's site you will see two options - one of them will be "Don't have a PayPal account". This is the option that will let you enter your card information with no need to register with PayPal. Using the PayPal system ensures that your payment is safe and secure.

Bank Transfers

If you prefer to simply transfer the money to our account from yours, you can do so choosing this option. You will need to transfer the money from your bank account to ours, either via online banking or by visiting your bank directly. We will only be able to process your order after receiving your payment on our bank account. We will ship your order as soon as the payment has cleared in out account, and we will notify you as soon as the items are shipped. Please make payments to the following account, and remember to include your order number!

    • Bank: Postfinance, Switzerland

    • Recipient: BOOYA MUSIC LTD, Meilistrasse 11, 8400 Winterthur / Switzerland
    • IBAN: CH61 0900 0000 9135 4621 2

    • Account #: 91-354621-2


Important note: If you are located within the EU, please use SEPA transfers, this way you will not incur any international transfer fees. Some banks outside the EU will charge transfer fees. You will need to pay those fees yourself, and we can only process your order once the full amount has cleared on our account. If you're not sure, please ask your bank for fee details.