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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver to my country?

We deliver world wide. If you cannot find your country while checking out, please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist you.

What is the Euro exchange rate and how can I pay using my own currency?

We recommend that you use an online exchange service like www.xe.com to calculate how much your order will be in your local currency. If you chose to pay with PayPal, their payment system will automatically handle the currency exchange. If you wish to pay using a bank transfer simply ask your bank to exchange the money for you and quote you the price in your local currency.

How long will it take for my package to reach me?

The times differ between different countries and continents so please refer to "Shipping Information" for more details.

How much does the shipping cost to my country?

You can check your shipping cost by viewing your cart and using "Estimate Shipping & Tax".

How do I make an account with your store?

You may create an account during checkout, or go to "My Account" to register. 

My order still hasn't arrived. What can I do?

Please start by checking the status of your order in your account and/or read the information in the "Shipping Information" section. If you're still worried that your order might have been lost please feel free to contact us and we will find out what the problem is.

How can I track my order?

Please contact us and we will retrieve the tracking number for you.

How can I change the payment method?

Once the order is placed, the only way is to make a new order. You can simply place a new order and notify us so we can cancel the old one (please include both order numbers). Feel free to contact us if you're not sure about anything!

How can I cancel my order?

Because it is likely that your order is already on its way to you, it is not possible to cancel an order on this site. If you need to cancel for any reason please just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help. If you ordered using advance bank transfer and you need to make a new order with PayPal just let us know and we will cancel it for you.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay using Paypal, credit or debit card, or bank transfer. Please visit the "Payment Information" section for more information.

The item I want is out of stock. What can I do?

If something you try to buy is out of stock please feel free to contact us and we can advise you on whether the item will be restocked or not.

Can I pay with a Credit/debit card?

Yes, you can. This option is handled via the PayPal system, with no need to register for a PayPal account. Please refer to the "Payment Information" section for more information.